Thank You!

Dear Live to Love ministry team,

Thank you for the blessing of this rich resource of the Live to Love

materials!  May the Lord by His Holy Spirit fill us to overflowing with

His perfect love, and may He pour that out through us freely to those He

allows to come into our paths.  May His name be magnified and glorified

all the days of our lives.

In Jesus’ precious name,

—Ellen L.

What a great blessing to be able to get this book. Thank you for your giving heart and faithfulness to Father.



Thank you for your kindness in making these materials available. May God bless you for your living to love in this way.


Thanks a bunch!

—Ann Smith

Thank you so much.

This was a life changing experience and I would recommend this to so many people.

Thank you and blessings


Hello Norm.

Your Live to Love work has upset our lives. We received the Kindle version a couple of weeks ago and Lynn and I have not been the same since. What an amazing blessing it’s been. My flesh has been crushed since the first few pages. I could write for hours sharing the many facets and connections and truths pouring from the pages.

Lynn and I have a number of couples with whom we have verbally shared the basics of the material. Each of them has been rocked by just the initial explanation we’ve given. The small glimpses we’ve given them of your honesty about you and Alma and the Amanda story have them paying attention. Truth be told, it’s probably the Spirit moving in Lynn and me that is engaging them. We’re different after just a few weeks. A LONG way to go but solidly on the track. We can feel it deeply. And we’re not even through “idols” yet.

The Give it Forward idea is very cool. Smooth, well-crafted, and polished. Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity.

Thank you for your unceasing commitment.

—Greg & Lynn Witek

To the anonymous donor who has made Live to Love a free resource for the asking, thank you for your generosity and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit! What a delight and blessing to open the new Live to Love website and find this offer! I am so eager to finally get to read this book and to hear Norm read it in audio format, and to let the Spirit speak into my heart and continue His transforming work In me through it. May the Lord multiply His blessings in your life for your wonderful gift to all who will receive it.

What a great blessing to be able to get this book. Thank you for your giving heart and faithfulness to Father.

Thank you for making it possible for you me to read Live to Love.


Thanks you

—Rosine Dubien