The Live to Love Adventure was birthed when Jesus commissioned His disciples to go and make disciples of the nations, by passing on what they had been commanded by the Lord. We believe that the primary commandment Jesus gave to His disciples was to love God with all their hearts (Matt. 22:36-38) and love others as they had been loved by Him (John 13:34). Living to love with Jesus summarizes those commands.

In the first 20 years of ministry with The Spirit of Elijah Ministries, Norm Wakefield’s book, Equipped to Love: Building Idolatry-free Relationships has been the most popular resource and the message that Norm has presented the most. Through those years, he became convinced that the greatest need in the lives of people is to experience the life and love of Jesus as they love God and others with Him. As Norm continued to learn and grow in love, he realized the first book needed to be expanded and deepened. Consequently, in 2017, he began to author Live to Love with Jesus: Experience Freedom and Joy in Relationships, and developed the Live to Love Adventure discipleship program, which was launched in 2020 as a tool for members of the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.


Believing that the Bible is our rule for faith and practice, all aspects of the ministry, from its organization to the content of messages, are founded upon God’s Word and consistent with the Philadelphia Confession of Faith. Having stated above, without diminishing the importance of holding to sound doctrine, it is affirmed that the basis for fellowship between believers is not doctrine, but faith and love in Jesus Christ.