“This work contains a wealth of truth, conviction, and encouragement on the doctrine and practice of love. The author has spent the greater part of his life and ministry studying this virtue of virtues, being conformed to it, and teaching it to others. If conformity to Christ is your goal, his book will be a helpful companion on your journey.”

—Paul David Washer, Founder and Mission’s Director of HeartCry Ministries

I can not say enough about the Live to Love Conference! Norm presented this material in the setting of a Friday night and Saturday Marriage Conference at our church. I am not sure if you are considering it for a marriage / family conference or for a broader audience. Honestly, you can’t go wrong either way. The teaching that Norm brought was Godly, firmly rooted in significant amounts of Scripture, timely, and powerful. I was impacted and convicted in not just my marriage but in every other relationship in my life. I know this is also true for my wife and countless other couples that we have spoken to. Norm also spoke at our Sunday morning service… I have heard nothing but positive reports from that as well. The word he brought will continue to “ripple” in our body for quite sometime. Norm’s teaching style walks the listener from one scripturally grounded truth to the next. It’s easy to listen, easy to follow and extraordinarily challenging to hear. But, I feel like everyone left challenged and hopeful— not dismayed or defeated. We would, and hope to, have Norm back at Heritage soon. On the logistics side, Norm could not be easier to work with through the entire process.

—Casey Moss, Family Life Pastor, Heritage Fellowship Church, Jefferson City, TN

Of all the training or skills we can provide our families, teaching people how to love is a much neglected topic.   As a pastor for over 35 years and a homeschool educator, Norm Wakefield’s material on Live to Love has been one of the most effective and insightful tools I have seen in years.  We have used his materials for church and family discipleship and found it highly profitable and applicable.

—Robert W. Oliver, Pastor, Bastrop Bible Church, Bastrop, TX
Cassie Carstens

God used Norm Wakefield through his story of Amanda 10 years ago to open my eyes to the most essential and transformational concept of the message of Jesus: Do not self-love, but love with the selfless sacrificial love that I have loved you with. In short: Love as I have loved you!

My life changed, my relationships changed, my understanding of the Bible changed, my ministry changed… since that most defining moment in my life I can say with confidence that I have heaven in my home! This is what ‘living to love like and with Jesus’ brings!
When you live to know and love God and live to love with Jesus, as this book so masterfully displays, you will live the transformed life with an inexpressible freedom and joy… as the Holy Spirit floods you with God’s love to live for the Glory of God!

I totally throw my weight behind the Live to Love movement that Norm started, and encourage everyone to start every day with his suggested prayer:
Father in heaven, thank You for another day of life to live to know and love You and to love with Jesus. Please anoint and fill me with the Holy Spirit, the presence and power of Christ, so that I can love and trust You and love those You put in my path today, for Your glory.

—Cassie Carstens South African Christian leader, pastor, author, and co-founder of The World Needs a Father.

How has my experience in the Live to Love adventure changed me? I would say, as in most things I have undertaken spiritually, that my hoped for outcome was a change of heart. I entered with the idea that there must be ‘more’ for me than I have yet known of this God of love, yet how can I attain it, find it, know it? As the beauty of God was revealed and His love blossomed in my heart, the desire for greater things in me budded and grew into a PRESENCE that is unmistakable. His work in me is underway, and clearly He is showing me His way. Jesus is now discipling me by His Spirit. The continued walk (of obedience) becomes a joy and delight as He reveals His kingdom before me and individual people as the object of His love, through me.

—J.Gross President of the Board of Directors, The Spirit of Elijah Ministries International

Wow what a blessed time! It’s been radical and so so important! The best kind of marriage prep Henco and I could ever have gotten- I’m sure of it! It’s changed how I approach my job, my family… everything really. Henco and I have both said we can’t wait to add this to our “important resources collection”… I believe we’ll be listening to it again and again!

—Bianca T

Thank you so much Uncle Norm.

This was a life changing experience and I would recommend this to so many people.

Thank you and blessings.


Thank you for the opportunity. It was a privilege to learn more about God’s love and how to apply His love on a daily basis. It had such a great impact on my life and I

want others to experience it as well. If all goes according to plan, we will present the Live to Love with Jesus adventure at our church in January 2021.

—Celeste Mulder, Johannesburg, SA. 

I attended a Live to Love conference with Norm in October 2021, & it caused a (positive) spiritual shift in my thinking. In the first session, I was thinking through my theology, & Christian experience, which includes 25 years of pulpit ministry & pastoring. As I was listening to Norm, I realized that I have primarily emphasized truth, & truth-seeking, which is, I believe, Biblical, & a proper worldview. So my concern was that truth would be compromised by an over-emphasis on love. As I listened to Norm, & gave it prayerful consideration, I realized that truth & love are inseparable, as they originate from the same source. I also realized that truth if not spoken in love, is an unpalatable thing. I was immensely blessed, & refreshed, & can truly say that I was transformed by the materials presented.

—Duane Kuhns Pastor, Living Word Fellowship, Arthur, Illinois
We got a lot to think about and it was
very inspirational and in depth teaching. Truly the potential to be mind altering! This is a reminder of hope for this broken world we live in.
    God bless you for your efforts! Keep on keeping on!
—Cletus & Dena Gingerich