The Mindset of Jesus’ Love

Love Thought Number 3: The more someone doesn’t please us or do what we want or expect, the greater potential there is for God to be glorified as we know Him and experience His love for us, and then express His love to them.

Jesus, the Revelation of God’s Love

It’s the Christmas season, so of course, our focus turns to the coming of Jesus to earth. We celebrate that glorious day when Jesus, the Son of God, the Christ, the Lord, the Savior of the world entered into our dark, fallen, condemned, useless existence. What value did He see in us? God’s description of mankind isn’t a pretty picture.

What Makes People Valuable To Us?

It’s such an incredible privilege to live each day to love with Jesus. Having our minds renewed to think like Jesus thinks, frees us to get into the flow of His love for those He puts in our lives.

Our Father, who is in heaven, give us our daily bread.

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Jesus is the Answer

Jesus is the answer to everything that Satan, the world, and even we ourselves throw at us. We can’t afford to take our eyes off of Jesus.

How to be Filled with Joy

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Without Love, All is a Waste

Without Love, All is a Waste

Wouldn’t it be devastating for a person to waste his or her entire life?! It would be like someone expending great energy to climb a ladder, only to find when they got to the top that it was up against the wrong wall.

God’s Love Unifies

Naturally, people unify with each other because they share similarities. Because people live for themselves, it is reasonable for them to connect with people who are like them.

Will You Have Confidence in the Judgement?

Imagine being beside yourself with joy when you come to stand before Jesus Christ.

Love is the Proof

Everyone who is a true child of God knows God and loves others.

A New Commandment

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God is Love

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