Norm Wakefield

Our Greatest Hope Promises Our Greatest Freedom

The good news of the gospel offers the ultimate hope—hope of complete freedom from sin. The fullness of that hope… Read more

Experience Jesus’ Freedom

In the summer of 2018, a youth soccer team from Thailand were trapped in a cave complex in the northern… Read more

Don’t Misplace Your Worship

“Where are my keys? Have you seen my cell phone?” I’m sure I’m not the only one to have misplaced… Read more

Love’s Foundation: Part 3 Becoming Like Christ

The theme of the last two installments of the Live to Love Blog has been love’s foundation. The cornerstone of the foundation… Read more

Love’s Foundation: Jesus’ Love is Enough

 “That’s enough!” When do we hear these words? We may when someone thinks they have eaten so much that they… Read more

Love’s Foundation: One God, Who is Love

One of Jesus’ most popular parables illustrated the importance of the foundation upon which people build their lives. The sand… Read more

Don’t Miss the Opportunities

Every situation is an opportunity to trust God, and every relationship is an opportunity to love with Jesus. Every day… Read more

Loving His Body = Loving Jesus

I hope you read or listened to last month’s Chariot of Fire on knowing and loving Jesus. In that issue, we saw how the… Read more

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